CTO Buyer Persona

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Chief Technical Officer

Ryan Harris

As the CTO, Ryan is responsible for setting the vision of how technology will be used in his company. He has to ensure that the technological resources meet the company’s short and long-term needs.


35 to 54



Years of Experience


Job Seniority


Job Function

Information Technology




  • Finding the right approach
  • Getting the support of others in the organisation
  • Recruiting the best technical talent


  • Career progression
  • Professional recognition


    • How can I communicate my technical vision to the wider company?
    • How can I guarantee a consistent technical talent pipeline?

    Preferred Content



    Evolving Security Threats
    Data Privacy & Governance
    Organisational support

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    Frequently Asked Questions about the Chief Technical Officer

    What does a CTO do?

    The Chief Technology Officer (or CTO) is the head of technology for a company, and they make sure that the company has the right technologies to support its strategy. The CTO chooses the right hardware, software, and other tools to ensure that everyone in the company can work together smoothly.

    What should a CTO focus on?

    A good Chief Technology Officer (CTO) focuses on upcoming trends in the industry so they cab make the right decisions about how these will affect the company’s infrastructure.

    What are CTOs thinking about?

    CTOs are thinking about how they can drive through digital transformation with initiatives that support people and processes instead of replacing them. CTOs have to view themselves as leaders of change and not just technology leaders—they have to consider who they are working with and what they value in their work environment, and ensure that the teams they create around digital transform don’t put too much emphasis on technology over people.

    What qualities should a CTO have?

    The qualities of a good CTO include a strong strategic mindset, a deep understanding of technology trends, and a clear vision for the future of the organization’s infrastructure. A great CTO should be able to plan ahead and predict potential issues that could arise in the near and distant future. They must be able to identify potential opportunities as they arise, and they must set out realistic goals with measurable objectives. A great CTO should also be willing to accept responsibility for failures, or at least take an active role in learning from them and using them as valuable lessons.

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