Why Mkt?

Strategy and tactics, together.

Build an exceptional content library that's deep-linked to your strategic goals.

Marketing software designed to help you create an exceptional content library, build a highly-engaged audience, and grow your business.

Your content’s rich with context. Use it. With Mkt, every piece of content you create is tied to a particular buyer persona, a specific stage of your customer journey, a topic, a strategic purpose, and success criteria. It’s easy to find the right content for your campaigns.

Create buyer personas to better understand your customers’ goals, motivations, and frustrations.

Build a customer journey map with what your buyers are thinking, feeling, and doing at each stage throughout.

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Track Competitors

Create comprehensive profiles for your direct, indirect, and substitute competitors.

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Curate Amazing Content

Curate an exceptional content library where every article is tied to a specific persona, journey stage, and purpose.

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Manage Deals

Nurture deals, partnerships, and press opportunities through tracked conversations.

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Get Insights

Deep dive into how your content is performing. Spot the drop-offs in your buyer journey.

Bring strategy and tactics, together.