Create a Buyer Persona

Make better marketing decisions.

It's easier to design experiences for memorable buyer personas based on real data.

Build detailed buyer personas.

Build detailed persona profiles that include demographic details as well as their goals, motivations, frustrations.
Provide team members with a single place where they can access and update all your buyer personas.
Craft more effective messaging that better resonates with your target audience.
A Buyer Persona Profile 2
Bring Your Buyer Persona and Content Together

Your personas and content, together.

With Mkt, every piece of content you write is tied to specific personas – helping you build an exceptional, organised content library.
When adding a new contact to Mkt, get smart content and automation journey suggestions based on their persona type.
Gather insights on which of your personas your content focuses on. Spot the underserved segments in your audience.

Build your own buyer persona with Mkt.