About Us

Our core values.

Our values are the way we make decisions. They’re how we choose the right outcomes to focus on.

The values that drive us.


Think long-term.

Focus on the future. Sure, short-term tactics will help us to sell. But it’s strategic thinking that will help us to grow.


Focus on outcomes. Not features.

We’re not building a feature checklist. We’re focused on the outcomes marketers need to be more effective.


Protect creativity.

Ideas are important. No matter how hard algorithms try to force marketing into boxes, creative always wins out. Protect it at all costs.


Keep it simple stupid.

Our product, pricing, marketing, and processes should all be ruthlessly simple. Easy to use, easy to scale, and easy to iterate.

The rules we follow.


Find your vision

Without a vision, we all drift. That’s why focusing on the future is mission critical for everyone at Mkt. – regardless of their role.


Never think small.

Where’s the fun in being realistic? We set ambitious goals. If we achieve 75% of them, then it’s more than enough.


Ignore the naysayers.

When you have big dreams, people will say it’s impossible. Don’t listen to naysayers. Prove them wrong.


Work your ass off.

What’s the point in half-assing something? If you fail, that’s fine. But don’t let it be because you held something back. Give it your all.


Give something back.

We can all create change. Because if not us, who? And if not now, when?

Want to join the team?

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