CEO Buyer Persona

CEO Buyer Persona Template


Frieda Bloggs

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Freida is responsible for making major corporate decisions. She manages the overall operations and resources of the organisation. She acts as the main point of communication between the board of directors and corporate operations as well as being the public face of the company.


35 to 54



Years of Experience

6+ years

Job Seniority


Job Function





  • Define a clear strategy for the future of remote work
  • Become more agile in response to changing customer needs
  • Become more robust in the event of a natural world disaster


  • Business growth
  • Career progression
  • Personal fame


  • What does the future of work look like for our company?
  • How can we keep up with customers’ changing needs?
  • How can we become more robust to future natural world disasters?

Preferred Content



Trade conflicts
Uncertain economic growth

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Frequently Asked Questions about the CEO

What does a CEO do?

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for making major corporate decisions. They manage the overall operations and resources of the organization, like setting goals for the company, determining how to make money, and enacting changes in an organization’s structure.

What should a CEO focus on?

A CEO should focus on developing and championing the organization’s strategy. It is the CEO’s job to provide vision and guidance as well as to help manage relationships with key stakeholders, including the board of directors, employees, investors, customers and suppliers. The CEO must be able to translate the company’s strategy into actionable goals for employees, who then execute those plans.

What are CEOs thinking about?

A recent study of over 1,700 CEOs from 95 countries found that the highest-performing CEOs think about their people first when they make decisions. They focus on what’s best for their employees and customers. They consider how their decisions affect the entire business and its community.

The best CEOs think about their people and whether every team member is set up for success. The lowest-performing CEOs, on the other hand, are rarely concerned with the people involved in their company. They’re only concerned with money.

What qualities should a CEO have?

There are many qualities that a Chief Executive Officer should have. A successful CEO needs to be decisive, engaged and adaptive, and also deliver reliable results. These qualities help a CEO lead the company in the right direction. They allow the CEO to set the tone for the whole organization.

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