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Customer Journey Map Template

Use this customer journey map template to better understand your buyers and make better decisions.

Customer Journey Map Tool

About This Customer Journey Map Template

This Customer Journey Map (or CJM) template – sometimes known as a User Journey Map – will help you to visualise the experience of your buyer. It transforms your customer experience (CX) into a clear and concise story – a story that’s easy to follow with a character that’s easy to empathise with.

When it’s easier to empathise with your customers, it’s easier to make better decisions about what they need to progress and convert. Journey maps combine common pain points and delightful moments with the actions they take and the questions they have at each stage along the way.

Example of a journey map stage

What is a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of what your customers experience. At a high level, it breaks this journey down into the key stages. At each stage, the map should show:

  • Actions customers are taking
  • Outcomes they’re trying to achieve
  • Problems they’re facing
  • Frustrations they’re feeling
  • Questions or concerns they have
Example of a customer journey map template

Why use our Customer Journey Map Template?

There are a lot of different templates out there – from Miro boards to PowerPoint presentations to professional Adobe Illustrator canvases. But no matter what the format, they all fall prey to the same problem. They don’t get used. They’re ignored. They sit in a dark corner of your G-drive or SharePoint.

This is where Mkt and our customer journey map template is different. This is where we stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Because with Mkt, every single stage of your customer journey is a dynamic data point. This means when it comes to organizing your content library, you can create smart links between the content you create and the different stages in your buyer journey.

“Customer journeys increase customer satisfaction by 20% but also to lift revenue by up to 15% while lowering the cost of serving customers by as much as 20%.”

McKinsey & Company

When to use a Journey Map

You should use a Journey Map when you need to understand what your customers are going through at every point where they interact with your company.

A CJM will help you to pinpoint the pain points where you can improve . But it also flags the delightful moments where you’re already excelling. Because it’s important that those positive experiences remain part of your CX and you continue to drive customer engagement and loyalty.

You can also use a CJMs to identify where you should be collecting valuable data on your customers. You can use this information to feed insights back to your sales, marketing, and product teams to help create better experiences for your customers and grow your company.

How to Create a Journey Map

Here’s how to create your own journey map:

  • Choose your customer segment: Every brand has different categories of customer. Different customer categories have different needs and pain points. Each category needs its own journey map variation.
  • Talk to your customers: Gather feedback from customers through one-to-one interviews, group feedback sessions, surveys, or from social media and review sites.
  • Break down the stages: Break down your customer journey into clear and distinct stages (e.g. Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Retention, Advocacy). List the key touchpoints at each stage where customers are interacting with you.
  • Build the journey map: Use all the information you have to list what your customers want to achieve at each step, why they want to achieve it, and what’s getting in their way.
  • Continue to revisit: Your journey map isn’t a static document. It’s a living, breathing representation of your customer experience. You should continue to revisit and revise it as you learn more about your customers.
Use this customer journey map template to better understand your buyers and make better decisions.

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Use this Customer Journey Map Template