Vol. One - Week One

Buyer Personas: The First Step Towards Exceptional Content

Timothy Max

Timothy Max

Feature Fridays - Buyer Personas
Who are we targeting? It's the first question asked in any discussion around strategy. That's why we tackled buyer personas for our first release of Mkt.

It’s hard to empathise with faceless customer segments. Stats don’t always capture the full picture. That’s why we use buyer personas. They help our sales, marketing, and customer support teams to make better decisions.

Enter: the Buyer Persona PowerPoint template.

Far too many marketing teams rely on PowerPoint templates for their personas. These docs aren’t dynamic which makes version control a pain. But the biggest problem is the gap between the personas and your content.

Bridge the Gap Between Personas and Content

Every piece of content (should) have a target persona in mind. Briefs and content outlines always include a section on who the tactic is targeting. The problem is that the information gets lost along the way.

In many cases, what you end up with is an article on your website with a generic category and maybe some more specific tags.

This forces sales reps and marketers to search through their own company’s website to find relevant content for campaigns.

With Mkt, we want to make it easy for teams to curate amazing content libraries where every piece of content has a persona, purpose, and customer journey stage attached.

Personas are just the first piece of the puzzle.

Build Detailed Profiles for your Buyer Personas

With this new feature, you can build detailed profiles for your personas:

  • Details like Name, Job Title, Bio, Age, Job Seniority, Job Function, Company Size, Location, and Sector.
  • Personality traits, interests and a featured quote.
  • Social Channels that the persona is likely to use.
  • Goals, Motivations, and Frustrations to show what the persona wants to do, why, and what’s getting in their way.

Having a definitive source for your personas is half the equation. The real benefit is in what’s next…

Our upcoming feature “Outlines” lets you plan articles in minutes. A crucial part of this is being able to choose from a dropdown your personas. No need to re-enter the details of who you’re targeting every time you create a new outline.

Final Thoughts

We’re obsessed with making it easier for marketers to build exceptional content libraries. We believe part of this puzzle is bridging the growing gap between strategy and tactics.

This new feature lays the foundation for a smarter, more connected content workflow.

Don’t just take it from us. Try our buyer persona builder for free.

Bring strategy and tactics, together.