Let's change the way marketing works.

Most content marketing platforms suck. They focus way too much on feature checklists. This leads to the inevitable (and underwhelming) all-in-one marketing solution. Checks every box. Solves zero problems.

At Mkt, we’re obsessed with the outcome: trustworthy, entertaining, and informative content. For us, features are just a way to get there. We believe marketers need more than that.

We’re not creating a checklist – we’re building an essential part of every ambitious marketer’s daily routine. We want to give marketers the tools to create and share amazing content that creates value for them and their audiences.


The way we see it, there are four key tenets to modern marketing: contacts, content, conversations, and insights. Every individual sales and marketing activity feeds back to one of these streams.

To do this, we’re looking for investors who want to change the way marketing works.

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All the best,

Timothy Max – Founder at Mkt.